About Us

Nelson Industrial Services, Inc. (NIS) was founded in 1991 by Michael R. Nelson, current president and CEO, after departing NELCO Manufacturing and Nelson Painting Services, where he served as both Vice-President and President, respectively, for over 25 years. With his vast knowledge of and lengthy experience in the shotblasting industry, Mike created NIS upon the basic principles of honesty and fairness with both the customer and the employee as its foundation. The NIS family is comprised of numerous employees who have loyally worked alongside Mike for over 35 years. Together these individuals have combined their efforts to create a dependable company that provides a valuable service which is both specialized and exclusive to the industry.

Nelson Industrial Services, Inc. is unquestionably the nation’s leader in the shotblasting industry. Since incorporation in 1991, NIS has shotblasted well over two hundred fifty million square feet of concrete and steel surfaces. With an exceptional fleet of shotblasting equipment, as well as the industry's elite in experienced machine operators, there is no other company that can match neither NIS's extremely high production capabilities nor their professional workmanship. To confirm their superior quality of work, NIS is proud to say that virtually 100% of their business comes from repeat customers. Additionally, NIS has extensive contract history involving projects ranging in scope from 500 square feet to 3,000,000 square feet per contract. NIS personnel and equipment have always met or exceeded the expectations of their customers.

Nelson Industrial Services, Inc. has five nationwide locations to efficiently serve all areas of the United States. NIS headquarters is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with four divisions located in key points across the United States, including Washington, California, Indiana, and Maryland. In 2006 alone, NIS completed work in 40 states at competitive prices without sacrificing quality of workmanship. Having nationwide locations allows NIS to advantageously send each crew with a well-stocked inventory of parts thus reducing any potential delays for repairs. Strategically locating these offices allows NIS to have the support system needed within a reasonable distance to effectively repair and maintain all machines and equipment between each job. Furthermore, NIS only employees highly experienced mechanics, machinists, electricians, welders, fabricators, and hydraulic specialists to build and service their equipment. This vast network of skilled individuals collectively combine their knowledge and efforts to provide our customers with the latest innovations, ensuring maximum efficiency and high productivity.

Depending on the customer's schedule, NIS can increase the quantity of machines, as well as operators, to ensure their efficiency and the customer's profitability. As always, Nelson Industrial Services’ chief priority is to properly serve the customer by meeting their scheduling demands and production requirements while providing the highest quality of work.

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