Nelson Industrial Services, Inc. specializes in concrete surface preparation. NIS' nationwide services include both shotblasting and membrane removal services. With over 30 years of experience in this highly specialized industry, there is no other competitor that can rival NIS' exceptional quality of service and competitive rates. NIS has four convenient nationwide locations to proficiently serve all customers across the United States. These four locations enable NIS to offer their customers competitive pricing for small and large jobs alike, without sacrificing quality of work. NIS crews always arrive with a well-stocked inventory of parts to reduce any potential delays for repairs. Quality equipment, combined with professional workmanship, ensures less downtime for repairs and maintenance. Furthermore, NIS has developed and implements an extensive safety program specifically tailored for shotblasting and membrane removal services.


  • PARKING GARAGES In preparation for Sealers, Waterproofing Membranes, Concrete Overlays
  • BRIDGES In lieu of sandblasting behind Milling Operations, In preparation for Sealers, Epoxy Overlays, Concrete Overlays
  • HIGHWAYS In preparation for Concrete Overlays, Line Removal, Surface Texturing for Skid Resistance
  • FLOORING PROJECTS Epoxy Floor Coating Projects, Concrete Overlays
  • SHIP DECKS Nonskid Removal
  • STORAGE TANKS Roofs and Floors

Nelson Industrial Services, Inc. is unquestionably the nation’s leader in the shotblasting industry. Since incorporation in 1991, NIS has shotblasted well over two hundred fifty million square feet of concrete and steel surfaces. With an exceptional fleet of shotblasting equipment, as well as the industry's elite in experienced machine operators, there is no other company that can match neither NIS's extremely high production capabilities nor their professional workmanship. NIS' high production capabilities allows their customers less down time on their facilities. To confirm their superior quality of work, NIS is proud to say that virtually 100% of their business comes from repeat customers. Additionally, NIS has extensive contract history involving projects ranging in scope from 500 square feet to 3,000,000 square feet per contract.

Membrane Removal

Nelson Industrial Services, Inc. membrane removal service is a mechanical method which is dry and has minimal clean up. This method is a fast, efficient, and cost effective option for removal of membranes, mastics, and rubbery compounds. Often, when shotblasting is not the ideal method for removal of surface debris, NIS' membrane removal machines are the best alternative for superior results.

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